Backyard cabinBackyard cabins or granny flats are popular additions to Australian homes. Oftentimes, they’re built to allow an elderly family member to live closer to home — but if that need is a bit far off, then you can use still use them in different ways. Here are a few alternate uses for your granny flats.

A Home Office

If you can run your business from home, then having a granny flat serve as a home office is a big help. It allows you the privacy — and silence — that you won’t be getting from just a closed door at home. Kids running around the house won’t be disturbing you in your backyard office, but you’ll still be a shout away in case of emergencies.

Your Very Own Workshop

If you fancy yourself an artisan, then a backyard workshop is the thing for you. Whether it’s carpentry, restoring cars, or building bikes — having your own space away from the house makes things cleaner and safer for your family.

A Game or Hobby Room

Entertaining guests or simply playing around can be a bit difficult, especially if you have sleeping kids. Having a game or hobby room away from the house gives you the chance to let loose on your competitive spirit or simply cause a little bit more ruckus than usual.

A Rental or an Airbnb

If you don’t want to make a lot of changes to your backyard cabin — a rental or an Airbnb space is an ideal option. Since the cabin is made for actual occupancy, you only need to change a few things if and when you decide to have family over.

A granny flat is a great addition to any home. It frees up space in your house, and it gives you a separate space that you can use however you want. Having your folks over may be a long time in the future — but having a granny flat now is a good investment.