Plumber repairing the furnaceThe ability to heat your home efficiently is important, especially in winter. After all, what’s the use of paying for gas when you still have Jack Frost nipping inside the comfort of your home? Your home’s heating works around one key appliance: the furnace.

Ensuring that your furnace is in perfect order can spell the difference between the perfect holidays and a wintery nightmare. Fortunately, in Lehi, heating repair services are readily available at your convenience. But before you get to that point, experts at Airtime Heating & Cooling share some things you can do to maintain your furnace.

Look but Don’t Touch

The most basic way to assess your furnace’s working condition is by first giving it the once over. Look at your furnace’s connection tubes and venting pipe connections and see if they are securely fastened and angled.

But whatever you do, leave any repair work to the professionals. This will prevent any catastrophes from happening. If leaks or loose fittings are spotted, seek professional help immediately.

Cleaning and Vacuuming

Check for your furnace’s filter. A dirty filter will cause your furnace to work inefficiently, increasing your heating bill and decreasing your equipment’s lifespan. Filter cleaning will depend on the type of filter you have. Pleated filters need to be replaced every three months, but permanent filters need to be washed and rinsed permanently.

While you’re at it, dust and vacuum the furnace’s burners and base. First, ensure that your furnace is inactive by turning the power switch to the off position and shutting off your gas. Then, vacuum out your furnace’s base by securing a 20’’ length of ½’’ drain line to your vacuum hose.

With the aid of a flashlight, vacuum everywhere you see dust. Also, check for soot or black residue as this could be a sign of poor combustion.

Furnaces can be tricky when it comes to damage—especially when you need them. Following these simple steps can ensure that, come winter time, nobody has to build a fire inside your home.