Woman drinking hot teaHeadaches and migraine are painful and miserable. They can cause sickness, nausea, aversion to bright lights and absence from school or work. Painkillers can make headaches worse if used often, but herbal teas can help.

Migraines are a common malady. Over 37 million Americans have migraine, and for three million of those, they occur chronically, some 15 days per month or more. Many people also have tension headaches, caused by tight neck or shoulder muscles and stress.

Painkillers Cause Headaches

Painkillers are not meant for long-term use and can have a “rebound” effect and trigger more headaches, so finding natural remedies is important. Buying organic herbal teas online and drinking them regularly could help alleviate migraines.

Herb Teas are Nature’s Medicine

Feverfew Tea – Feverfew is a traditional anti-migraine herb. Its active ingredient is parthenolide, an anti-inflammatory component that also prevents constriction of blood vessels. It is available in tablet form or in tea leaves.

Chamomile Tea – Chamomile flowers are a daisy-like flower that when steeped and drunk as a tea can induce mild pain relief and relaxation. This tea should ease tension headaches.

Ginger Tea – This spicy beverage can combat nausea associated with headaches and migraine, but it can do much more than that. A study in Phytotherapy Research found that ginger tea could treat migraine just as effectively as Sumatriptan and it was a better option because it caused fewer side effects.

Peppermint Tea – Peppermint tea is beneficial for headaches and nausea. It may prevent migraines if ingested at the first sign of one. It lowers blood pressure, easing tension on blood vessels. It can be used in essential oil form.

A topical peppermint oil preparation was more effective at relieving the pain of tension headaches than acetaminophen. However, you should not use peppermint tea or oil on people with blood disorders as it can thin blood.

If life is one migraine after another and pills aren’t working, herbal teas cultivated from nature may provide the relief needed.