low towingMost people would think that the worst thing than getting into an accident is getting your car towed. Sure, there is some truth in that.

The image set in your mind would probably be of broken down cars pulled by either a tow truck or a tractor. A scenario you do not want your precious car to be any part of. So what are your options when your car breaks down, gets in an accident, or needs transporting?

As much as you deny it, you will need towing—a safer method suggested by 131 Tow, however, is low towing.

What is Low Towing?

While it is almost self-explanatory, low towing is done at a 4-degree angle. The lowest possible inclination for vehicles hooked up to a towing vehicle.

Less Risk for Damage

With only a 4-degree angled platform to move your vehicle on, you do not have to worry about the possible risks of trouble.

The slight inclination allows your vehicle to smoothly get on the platform connected to the tow truck. This process has close to no imbalance whatsoever—even for low-suspension vehicles or even those that have no body kits. Your luxury car only gets the best care.

Safer Conditions

Towed cars that you normally see are either tied at the front or the back or even placed at an awkwardly inclined platform at the rear end of a truck. Both circumstances are conducive to dangerous working conditions.

The conditions set by low towing comply with the standards, and are at a much safer and tamer setting.

Easy Loading

Half the trouble of getting your car towed is caused by the amount of time you spend in it. Had it not been so troublesome of a process to go through, then it would not be much of a pain—but it is.

With low towing, however, the slight difference brought by the 4-degree angle change lets cars get on it in a jiffy.

Get rid of the bad implications that come with towing. Seek better options for your car when the time comes. Remember low towing and its advantages.