E-commerce on a keyboardIt looks like the Kiwis are not only spending more time online, but they’re buying more of their stuff there, too. The 2016 Nielsen E-commerce Report even notes how the industry is growing in New Zealand. By 2015, around two million were already online consumers, spending almost $8 billion on online purchases. Furthermore, the market grew 28 per cent from 2012 to 2015.

Why Kiwis Are Shopping Online

Many factors influence this new shopping preference. One, consumers now have the option to compare prices and products. In the end, they feel they’re getting a better value from their choices.

Second is convenience. The country encourages a 40-hour work week with at least 30 minutes’ break for lunch. Many companies also implement more flexible schedules. But in places where the salary is high, such as in Auckland, cost of living is also more expensive. Thus, residents may take up a few jobs during the weekends. In turn, consumers don’t have a lot of time to browse selections when shopping.

There’s Room for Growth

Despite the growing popularity of e-commerce in New Zealand, it still has a big wiggle room for businesses. Currently, China ranks as the biggest online shopping market with estimated sales of more than $640 billion. It will continue to take the lead within the next three years. Australia is currently in the tenth place, according to Emarketer.

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