Woman with a strong and healthy teethIn this world full of perfectly taken selfies and picture-perfect photos, we do a lot to keep up with how the world sees us. We take good care of our skin, we go to salons for haircuts and treatments, we go to the gym to lift weights and gain muscles, and we try to eat healthy for our bodies, but sometimes we forget that our teeth can be our greatest asset. A nice, happy smile goes a long way in showing the world that we take good care of ourselves. So what does it take to get the perfect smile?

The Road to Picture Perfect Teeth

How we take care of our teeth shows more of us than the places we’ve been to, the things we can afford to buy, or even that Instagram-worthy food we had for lunch. Dental hygiene is important in both our health and our overall self-worth, and it starts with the simplest thing — cleanliness.

Are You Brushing Properly?

Dentists say that brushing at least two times a day gives the teeth the first step in basic cleaning. This doesn’t mean fast and rough cleaning, but applying soft pressure while brushing in circles. Don’t forget the gums and the tongue, as well. Flossing once a day also does the trick, as the food stuck in between the teeth may cause bacteria build up. Floss at night to give the gums and the teeth time to rest.

The Color of the Teeth

The next thing to consider is the color. The color of the teeth shows the care you give to it. Teeth with discoloration are often associated with stains from drinking coffee and tea or with smoking. Other factors include age and the medications you take.

Fortunately, you can whiten your teeth with either at-home kits or a whitening procedure performed by a dentist. If you want to go natural, a good home remedy is to take a small amount of baking soda and lemon juice. Mix both until it becomes a paste then apply it like regular brushing.

The Alignment of the Teeth

One of the secrets to a winning smile is the teeth's alignment. Straight teeth give the reflection of symmetry, which improves the overall look of the face and mouth. Many are born with teeth growing in different directions, but don't fret. If you live in Canton, for instance, you can have a dentist correct it with braces

As technology improves, many techniques for braces have evolved as well. Traditional, using stainless steel attached to metal brackets, braces now have alternatives. A good example is ceramic braces where the metal brackets can be transparent. Invisalign is also popular to correct the alignment of the teeth. What's more is they're detachable for the patient’s convenience.  

Whether posing for a selfie in your hometown or taking a picture with a nice fruity drink during your vacation, remember that oral and dental hygiene is necessary. It brings up the confidence in pictures and meeting other people. Be the confident person and don’t be afraid to flash that winning smile.