Cars being recycledWaste management is always a problem for most of us. People will naturally want to get rid of the things that have no use for them. Sometimes, they also want to make some money from old items. A good example is the scrap car. They can bring old cars to places that buy scrap cars and make money out of it. There are other ways to go about this task that could make more money, too. One such way is to disassemble the parts of old cars and sell them to interested parties.

Whole Cars

Whole cars can be sold for its parts than sell it for its scrap price. Most people ask scrap yards and auto wreckers to pick up the car for scrap. If it’s still working, you may drive it to their place to save money from trucking.

Catalytic Converter

This part is the highest paying scrap item of the car. It is worth a good deal because of the platinum, palladium or rhodium inside. If you are planning to salvage the whole car, it is a good trick to take the catalytic converter and sell it separately.

Car Batteries

Batteries require proper disposal or proper recycling method. They can be quickly scrapped, but due to their massive weight, people can make good cash from it.

Aluminium rims

Rims made from aluminium are worth higher when compared to average aluminium price. They can be sold for around 25 pounds each.

Before you think of making more money from your scrap car, there are few things to remember. First is good to sort out car documents to avoid fines. Next is to keep your details safe. Some places require proof of identity before buying scrap cars. Lastly, reclaim insurance tax. You might get good refunds if proper authorities and your insurance company were informed correctly about scrapping.