overnight raftingNo matter how hard you work, if you are not doing things right, you won’t achieve the results you need. That may sound impractical to workaholics who tie their feet to the altar of Work, but nothing rings truer. You see, the great Aristotle pointed out a truth as relevant today as it was then: the brain is like a sponge, it can hold only so much water.

Of course, work will always be there for as long as man wants to progress. But, as the discussion below will tell you, the brain works best when it is afforded the time to rest.

Working the Brain

It’s really funny but the more you work your brain, the closer you are to cerebral congestion. And it’s not getting you any effective results, as the Scientific American details.

“In a normal working day in modern America, there’s a sense of so much coming at you at once, so much to process that you just can’t deal with it all,” meditation expert Michael Taft opines, calling for a need to do a strategic retreat. Getting a timely vacation or a timely retreat could be the best way to improve your productivity.

The Cure for Your Ills

Outdoor vacations top the list of the most preferred American away-from-it-all time. More extreme sports are also on the rise. For example, taking those overnight rafting trips made famous in Colorado may not be such a bad idea after all. It could pay huge dividends in your work life – not to mention your family’s well-being.

American Collapse

More likely than not, the US may be pushing this brain collapse scenario to the brink. In contrast to its neighbor EU (European Union) which call for 20 days of paid vacation, America does not have federal laws guaranteeing paid time off or even sick leaves.

But giving yourself – and your brain – a vacation could be the best way to maximize your effectivity. In the middle of a fiscal crisis, President Obama went on ahead with his vacation with the family. It might have worked; after all, he still governs with ease to this day.