Web ConferenceThis is the age where people want to get the best of both worlds: work and fun. Whether your client is a baby-boomer or a Millennial, they are surely one of those multi-taskers who are dismissing geographical limitations through technology.

As most people who want to keep up while they are physically at the beach or somewhere reachable by the internet, you can offer your clients the option to continue doing business using web conferencing. But before scheduling your first web conference, make sure you read these tips and thoroughly prepare for your big day:

Smooth out the technical aspects. Subscribe to web conferencing services from trusted providers, like Adigo.com. Do a trial run with your co-workers and employees to make sure you know how it works. Have a representative from your chosen solutions provider to give you and your team a tour of their app.

Distribute files beforehand. Web conferences with too many downloads are a dud. If you need to send a whole bunch of texts, reference and modules, send it in advanced. Downloading while plugged in on the video slows down the internet server of the clients. Send out your handouts and reference materials before the presentation.

Polish your presentation. There is nothing worse than being caught underprepared for your presentation. Perfect your introduction and build your desired atmosphere. For an effective presentation, practice your lines and rehearse the whole thing a few times.

Coordinate your screen elements. A web conference or webinar has many limitations, but so are films. Your audience is limited by what your camera can capture so make every frame count. You do not need to hire a cinematographer, but get someone to put up all your elements – clothes, background, lighting, and sound – together to make a beautiful presentation.

Gather an ad hoc team. In your client’s screen, there should only be one speaker at a time. An ad hoc team will make sure everything is fine while you are set. The team should be composed of documenters, program manager and technicians. They will help streamline the presentation and prevent technical difficulties from destroying your show.

Web conferencing is one popular way to reach out to your colleagues and clients wherever they are. Make sure you make the most of the technology and they will surely want to work with you.