home interiorHave you ever looked at a room in your home you just finished decorating and thought that something’s lacking or not quite right? More often than not, design elements that give a space that wow factor could be so subtle that most homeowners fail to include them in their home design.

So what are these design elements? Below are four common examples from home design expert Miskas Wood Products:

1. Layered Lightning

Light must come from multiple sources. Yes, those recessed lights look great and calming, but they won’t be enough to get rid of shadows, especially in spaces that lack windows.

Incorporate different types of lighting — hanging lights, task lights, spotlights, as well as floor and table lamps so that your space will be bathed in light from multiple angles.

2. Furnishings That Float

If you have a huge space that you want to make more homey and intimate, floating furniture is the way to go. Placing furniture away from the walls could also work in smaller spaces and would make the space feel less closed-in.

Play with floor lamps, free-floating tables, angled chairs, rugs, and potted plants to get the look you want.

3. Tall Baseboards

These could subtly yet dramatically elevate the feel of a room. Say you have modest or simple furnishings and would want to make your space more elegant and stately. Consider taller baseboards, suggests an interior decorator in Brampton.

You could also tweak your existing baseboards and make them appear taller by incorporating a strip of molding several inches above it.

4. An Affair with Texture

A plethora of different visual and physical textures could instantly take a space from just so-so to really enchanting. The easiest way to introduce some texture into your space is to add wooden, glass, or metal pieces.

If you’re after a more polished look, incorporate some leather, plush fabrics, tufting, mirrors, lacquer, ceramics, sheers, basket weave, textural patterns, and concrete pieces here and there.

Whether you’re planning for your new home’s interior or are considering upgrading your space, you’ll have to make tons of decisions. Don’t forget to incorporate the design elements mentioned here. Done right, they’ll give your space a distinct character and highlight the sense of style you’re going for.