Glass FenceGlass is such a contradiction. It’s hard to realize that all those thousand tiny pebbles found on the seashore we call sand comprise a product as fine as glass. You might find sand as unmanageable and largely rough yet under the prowess of man’s hands, it becomes the shiny glass everybody loves.

Still, don’t get the wrong idea. If you think every glass on Australia is as brittle and breakable as the glass that you are holding with your hand, then you never were so wrong. Glass can be so powerful, not even an elephant as mighty as Dumbo can break it.

Introducing Mr. Unbreakable

Any human with an eye for beauty would be dazzled with such glass creations as those in the Sistine Chapel stained glass. The wilful manipulation of light shows how man can elicit awe, especially in a religious manner as stained glass. Some, however, think that such glass creations are fragile and weak. This might be true – but not for long.

Shatterproof Steals the Scene

It’s not just beautiful, glass can be sturdy and strong as well.

True, not all glass are created equal, and most of the time, industrial strength glass is tempered glass, which is tougher than ordinary glass by several times. Chances are, that pool glass fencing Perth homeowners buy to protect their children is no weak stuff – after all, why buy fragile glass when more durable options are available?

For example, polycarbonate glass has made possible kitchen or dining sets that are virtually unbreakable, and a reinforced and thickened version may very well comprise your pool fence. Such glass can withstand throwing a rock at it or a drunken brawl. In addition and just recently, scientists in the U.S. have created glass so strong it’s harder to break than steel.

Dumbo the famous elephant may stomp on it, or run over it. But it won’t break. It just bends. The age of the shatterproof glass is here.