shuttersInstalling barbed wire fences, buying costly home alarm systems, and locking every corner of the house isn’t a good image of a home sweet home. Even if you think that your home could use more safety from intruders, you shouldn’t sacrifice the appearance of your house. Think of alternative ways to promote security, like the following examples:

Modernise the Windows

One of the most common entry points are the windows, so don’t give intruders the reason to break in easily. suggests that installing plantation shutters and other window cover-ups that aren’t made of glass is a good idea. These are subtle and don’t show that you’re too paranoid about your home’s protection.

Double the Doors

Instead of using multiple locks, why not install another door for additional protection? Homeowners who have wooden doors can install screen doors before it, or the other way around. These are made of aluminium frames, which make noise when hit with a solid object. Moreover, it’s beneficial during severe weather conditions because it protects your inner door from UV rays and rain.

Upgrade the Lights

Leaving the lights on all night increases your power usage. Intruders who are observing your house will soon figure out a blind spot, too. Don’t let your efforts go to waste. Intruders prefer houses with dark surroundings, so surprise them by installing motion sensor lights. These turn on when they detect someone’s presence, which could make them panic and leave.

You don’t have to choose between safety and beauty. Think of alternative ways to protect your house in style. After all, the kerb appeal of your property should welcome your family and guests, not threaten them. They shouldn’t feel uncomfortable and think that your home is prone to break-ins.