An elderly man having a meal with his familyIt doesn’t take much to make your parents happy. Hearing you say your first word was enough source of joy for them that they had to tell all their friends. When you graduated college, you made them happy, too. When you gave them their first grandchild, they were overflowing with joy.

Now that they’re seniors, these simple things can make them happy:

Meeting People Their Age

Seniors may feel lonely when their partner and friends have passed away. They may think that it’s too late for them to make friends. Moving them to a senior living facility in Provo gives them a chance to spend time with people their age, who may share the same feelings and experiences as them. Building new connections will remind them that their life isn’t over yet.

Spending a Day with You

You don’t need a grand gesture just to make your parents happy. Neglect will make them sad, however. They may think you’re always busy with work and have no time for them. Change this by setting aside one Saturday to talk to them and reminisce. Bring one of the family’s photo albums when you visit them in the elderly home, perhaps? Jog their memory by talking them through a particular photo where they seemed happy. Remind them of all the fun you had as a family and mention places you used to frequent together.

Hearing Their Favorite Song

Stuck on a gift to give them for the holidays? How about a record player or a CD from their favorite artist. Feel free to go with the modern equivalent, which is an iPod or other similar listening devices, so you can spend some quality time teaching them how to operate their new gadget. The music and your thoughtfulness will surely have them smiling.

It’s easy to make your parents smile if you’re willing to put in some effort. Here are some options with almost guaranteed results.