Men fixing the HVAC for summerSummer is here once again. While people are at the beach enjoying the sun and getting their tan, you are stuck in your office cubicle rushing to get the work done under the summer heat. Despite having cooling systems, the scorching heat outside still seems to find its way. Fortunately, there are ways to solve this problem without the need to spend extra bucks.

Ways to keep your office building cool during summer


When was the last time you checked the quality of your blinds in your office building? Installing commercial roller blinds is one of the most effective and affordable ways to keep heat out of your working area. Choose your blinds well. The right blinds can reflect sunlight, which in turn can reduce electricity costs.

Change your lamps

Still using incandescent lamps? Make the switch to LED. LED not only helps reduce power consumption, but it also produces less heat while being able to light the place up properly. It might seem like a small thing, but changing your building lights, when done all together, can have a significant impact on your power consumption and indoor temperature.

Turn off equipment

Turning off equipment like spare lights, computers, fax machines when not in use would not only help reduce electricity, but it would also help make the place less heated as these machines produce a significant amount of heat when running.

Proper HVAC management

Check the weather forecast to know what kinds of temperature to expect throughout the day. If the weather is scorching hot, turn on your AC earlier to allow the place to cool down. If the weather is colder than usual, you can turn it off earlier to help reduce power consumption.

Having the ideal temperature in your office would not only help increase comfort, but it can also contribute to worker’s efficiency and productivity. Manage your temperature the right way with these simple yet helpful tips.