Furnace RepairIn Denver, a local news station investigates to identify heating companies that take advantage of unsuspecting customers. As it is the time of the year when locals have their furnaces serviced to ensure safety and function, the news station placed hidden cameras to test local heating companies. Unfortunately, three out of six area heating companies showed unethical operation.

Itsdone.com, one of the three plumbing and heating companies that passed the test, discusses how to make sure your furnace is prepared for winter.

Checking Your Furnace

1. Start with the Basics

To begin preparing your furnace for the winter, one of the first steps you can take is to replace the filter of your furnace. Depending on the filter type you use, the frequency of having it replaced varies. You will need to change the low-quality filters on a monthly basis, while other, high-quality filters will last for three months or more.

2. Clean the Furnace for Quality Performance

You can clean the outdoor and indoor parts of your furnace to ensure it works efficiently. Dust and debris can accumulate around your furnace unit and certain debris such as leaves and branches can even catch fire, leaving your home and safety at risk.

3. Update your Furnace

Updating the thermostat of your furnace will provide you with accurate temperature readings and settings. Digital thermostats can schedule varying temperatures, offering convenience when you aren’t at home, saving both energy and money.

4. Contact a Professional Technician

Having your furnace inspected by a professional technician is the surest way to ensure that your furnace is working up to par.

Avoiding Furnace Repair Scams

The red flags to watch out for when dealing with heating and cooling companies include high-pressure sales tactics, overcharging, and refusal to provide a detailed bill. Maro Casparian, the Director of Consumer Fraud Protection at Denver’s District Attorney’s Office, says that there are reputable companies out there, but homeowners should be wary of scammers.

You can research about the company before making an appointment, and also, get a second opinion if you feel like your bill is too much.