The Labor Party’s Australian First advertisement was under the spotlight Advertisementrecently. Although the ad featured one Asian woman in a group of 12, accusations arose that the ad was not diverse enough, especially for such a multicultural country.

Whether you are a media marketer or are hiring the services of one, the ad can offer a learning opportunity. As an advertising agency in Melbourne has said, your approach to media marketing should prioritise connecting with your core audience.

Be Sensitive to Your Target Audience

Mr. Shorten says the lack of diversity on the ‘Australian First’ ad was a bad oversight that should not happen again. It resonated negatively with many people because Australia is a multiracial country that embraces shared cultural traditions and languages. In fact, around a quarter of Australians were born overseas.

Your marketing strategy should be sensitive to its target audience. Consider factors such as age range and socio-economic status to connect better. More importantly, be inclusive of the society you are reaching. Let your audience know that you understand and want to connect with them.

Keep the Competition Friendly

Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young posted a tweet saying that Labor’s ‘Australian First’ ad was ‘as subtle as a sledge hammer’. Labor frontbencher David Feeney responded to the tweet with an image of the Australian Greens, suggesting that the former’s party lacks diversity as well.

This serves as another lesson you can apply to your marketing strategy. Competition will always exist. While you are neck and neck, never forget to keep it friendly. Bringing your image up by tearing down that of others might just be digging yourself a deeper hole.

The debacle surrounding the Australian First ad teaches two important factors in a marketing strategy: sensitivity and friendly competitiveness. Keep them in mind for an engaging and successful strategy.