social media iconsDid you know that huge companies, such as IBM, Starbucks, Oreo, and Taco Bell, saw a significant increase in their sales due to social media marketing?

That is perhaps one of the reasons more and more startups and small businesses venture into social media to get amazing results. Big brands have a big presence online, as they have kept customers engaged and stayed consistent with their values, not because they have billions to spend on marketing.

You already know that social media platforms are a critical component of an overall marketing plan. But, you are probably wondering what happened to those businesses that are not seeing any desirable return? The common frustrations of the majority are slow growth, stagnant traffic, and low conversion rate. This means they are doing social media wrong.

There are many creative and effective workarounds if you are planning to upgrade your social media tactics. Let this article help you get started.

Pay Close Attention to Updates

To have a page that attracts attention, industry professionals like PR Caffeine suggests making an effort to be familiar with the platform’s updates. Whether it’s about Facebook’s selling abilities in news feed or Instagram’s new feature functionality, it could affect your social media campaign’s performance.

Tease Your Target Market

With all the stress of getting more clients and improving your services, it’s easy to get caught up and forget what you are trying to achieve. Change this thought, and begin taking the time to create interest on your ideal audience. Be surprising, smart, and worthy of attention. One effective way is to post teasers and show catchy images.

Take the Personal Approach

One thing you will learn from Starbucks’ Twitter and Facebook page is interaction with customers on a daily basis. Talk to your target market as if they are the only important person in the world. The result you’ll get here is engagement and an increase in sales. As you let people connect and express their feelings on your product, you establish trust. In turn, it’ll improve your bottom line.

These three simple yet effective hacks are what you need to embrace. You just have to keep in mind that nothing comes easy.