malaysia-airlinesThe search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 still continues, and officials now suspect that Australia’s spy satellite can help the search team solve the mystery.

Radar data

There are already many conspiracy theories surrounding the missing flight, and most of them are complex.

Satellites monitored in Australia could provide important information for the investigation, but the data are being withheld.

Malaysia’s Defense Minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, has reportedly requested that the United States share information obtained from the Pine Gap base near Alice Springs.

Search area

Australia’s powerful radar, known as the Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN), can reportedly detect movements across the country.

For the past few days, officials and the search team focused on the data of the US, France, and China.

The latest development comes as they continually request for radar data that will potentially help narrow down the search area.

Despite continuous search, the plane seems to have magically disappeared, without leaving a trace.