glassPeople who live in condo units, especially those in high-rise buildings, receive a lot of sunlight. While in many cases this is a great thing, there are still certain drawbacks to too much sun exposure. UV overexposure can cause health problems and ruin the upholstery.

So if you are one of the thousands of condo unit owners, consider enhancing traditional glass windows by adding non-reflective glass components. Here are five benefits of these components for the home and other places:

1. Significantly Reduced Visible Interior and Exterior Light

Residential properties, scientific laboratories, and even interrogation rooms need anti-reflective coating to manage the amount of light. This greatly reduces visible interior and exterior light. You should consider installing this in the area where you get too much sunlight, especially if the sun’s rays hit furnishings.

Commercial and industrial establishments save money by adding these. says non-reflective glass coatings preserve the quality of glass. These components are also easy to clean.

2. Exceptional Visible Light Transmission

While non-reflective glass significantly reduces visible interior and exterior light, it still has an exceptional light transmission feature. Some can effectively transmit up to 90% visible light.

3. Highly Safe and Secure

As long as you choose high quality glass, rest assured that it is highly safe and secure. Expect it to have great acoustic performance as well.

For interrogation rooms, glass coatings offer a different kind of security: the one-way setup offers a transparent surface while the other acts like a mirror, protecting the identities of people as they identify suspects.

4. Awesome UV Transmittance Blockage

These block UV transmission. This means less exposure to harmful UV rays known to cause serious health and skin problems.

5. Long Lasting and Durable

Manufacturers engineer these components with longevity in mind. The protective coatings require minimal maintenance, but can last for many years.

Do something about the amount of sunlight that hits your skin, home, or furniture. Add non-reflective glass components to improve not only the aesthetic side of your property, but also the comfort that you get living in it.