Moulds roof problemsMoulds are a type of fungi that can be found in almost any area with excess condensation. Usually white, green, brown or black in colour, these fungi can quickly multiply and spread, wreaking havoc not only to your health, but also to your home’s structure and its organic contents.

The Potential Dangers of Moulds

While not all individuals are at an immediate risk of developing health problems when exposed to moulds, you should still figure out the source of excess moisture in your home. This is because they can cause allergic reactions, breathing problems and damages to your home’s structure. Excess moisture can also damage furniture, upholstery, carpet, fabric and wallpaper.

Roof Problems, Excess Moisture and Mould Growth

Some of the possible causes of indoor condensation are problems with your roofing system. Roofs with cracks and holes can be the reason water gets inside your home. No matter how small the damage is, water can still penetrate into your home and lead to the growth of these fungi. Improperly installed roofs can also cause problems.

The Wise Course of Action

Roofs should last for a long time, but only with proper maintenance to ensure they remain damage free. Severe weather conditions and other situations can cause damage, so have your roof checked after a recent storm or if a tree branch fell on it. Bower Roofing and other Perth roof restoration experts recommend replacing all broken tiles and securing roof flashings.

Age can also affect the overall quality of your roof; contact a restoration expert to conduct a comprehensive assessment for old roofing.

Do not let moulds affect your health and cause damage to your home. Consider having your roof restored so it can perform its critical functions optimally.