Solar panelled homeBefore designing a new house or remodelling a property, consider that the homes of tomorrow must be ultra-efficient to keep up with emerging standards towards responsible use of energy and resources. Ultra-efficient homes combine updated construction techniques with technology to tap renewable energy sources and resource-efficient systems. Here are a few of the must-haves for ultra-efficient homes of the future.

Efficient Systems

Ultra-efficiency in future homes not only refers to electric power use but also to water management. Grey water systems will be part of the norm collecting gently used domestic water for irrigation on surrounding landscape.

Traditional systems proven inefficient like water heater tank systems will be outdated. Homes of the future will do away with this system that heats and stores water in scalding temperatures waiting to be used once or twice a day. A more efficient on-demand heating system of boilers will take its place.

A New Way to Build

Homes of tomorrow will require a radical shift in construction methods to provide improved insulation that keeps heat in or out and improve temperature regulation. Larger lumber may be used to frame the house that gives a wider clearance between the interior and exterior wall. Studs may be drastically limited to reduce temperature leakage points and construction costs.

State-of-the-art sealants and materials wrap the exterior walls for breathable but moisture-proof protection all around the home. Dual pane glass windows with Argan gas between panes may be the preferred fenestration strategy to keep the home bright but still airtight.

Renewable Energy, Renewable Power Source

The new standard of homes in the future is Zero Homes, net-zero efficient homes only possible by harnessing the power of the sun. They will become mini power producers outfitted with solar panels to produce the power needs of the home or sell to the grid reducing demand, eventually weaning off reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

Responsible use of resources can no longer be ignored. Towards that end, homes of the future need to be ultra-efficient, incorporating these techniques and systems to prolong current resource supplies.