Cable TiesNo matter what its name suggests, cable tie is not just for tying cables. This inexpensive self-locking plastic straps are also useful in other parts of the house, including the garden, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Below are the alternative uses of cable ties.

  1. Make Your Home Child-Friendly

Ensure the safety of your children and your visitors’ children by keeping all the dangerous items, such as scissors and sticks, inside the drawers and cabinet. Then, lock them with a cable tie. That way, you don’t have to worry whenever children are playing around the house.

  1. Reattach the Toilet Handle

Experts from say that cable ties are sturdy enough for almost all fastening applications.  Thus, cable ties are also ideal for reattaching broken toilet handles. By using a couple of cable ties, you can use the flush lever again and you save money for toilet repairs.

  1. Unclog the Shower Drain

Hair is the number one culprit in clogged shower drains. You can unclog the drain with the use of a cable tie. Cut tiny diagonal slices on a cable tie. Make sure you do not cut all the way through and the slices face the head of the tie. Slip the cable tie into the drain and swirl it around to catch all the hair.

  1. Attach the Plants to the Gardening Stake

Keep the tomatoes, cucumbers, roses, and other plants upright by attaching them to the gardening stake with the help of a cable tie. You can adjust the tightness depending on the size of the plant.

  1. Add Decors to Your House

Cable ties are ideal if you want to have hanging loops for decors in the living room or in the kitchen. Be creative and use this versatile strap for decorating your house.

These alternative uses of cable ties only show how versatile these straps are. So the next time you stop by at a hardware store, you might want to buy a couple of cable ties.