coupleContrary to popular opinion, fighting is not all bad when it comes to relationships. It’s time you let go of the idea that conflict is the first sign of a couple about to split apart, because it isn’t. In fact, occasional arguments could actually cement the bond and intimacy between people in a relationship. This is something psychologists, therapists, and counselors agree with.

How Conflict Helps

There are many reasons that justify the benefits of conflict. For instance, arguments present an opportunity to face the problem head on. As Compass Family Counseling puts it, “preserving [a] marriage is all about finding solutions when couples start having issues.” If you delay the confrontation just for the sake of avoiding conflict, the problems simply pile up and go unsolved. By the time you run out of patience and understanding, it could result in a fight that is fatal for the relationship.

It is important to build trust in a relationship, and this is something conflict helps you achieve. A fight provides an avenue for both parties to share their thoughts and feelings regarding the problem at hand. Not only does this make you feel better, it also allows you to express yourself freely. In effect, it becomes easier to trust the other person in the relationship.

Conflict acknowledges every individual’s flaws – and this is important in every relationship. Fights expose your human side, which makes it clear that although you are together, you’re still two separate individuals. This improves the character of both parties toward each other, as it improves patience, love, care, and understanding.

Constructive and Destructive Fighting

Of course, not all spells of conflict are helpful for a relationship. In some cases, the fight can be destructive. As such, it’s important to ensure that what happens is constructive fighting.

It’s inevitable to have an argument every now and then, but how you approach the issue is what matters. Learn to listen and understand your partner. Be amicable towards each other even amid a fight, and resolve conflicts with feasible, well-thought-out solutions.

Don’t give in to the bad reputation fighting has, because it isn’t always bad. Instead, use every instance of conflict to strengthen the bond in your relationship.