DentistGood oral health practices benefit the rest of the body. In order to prevent infection and lessen stress due to changes in oral sensation, it is advisable for seniors and their families to learn as much as they can about oral hygiene.

Here are some important oral care reminders for seniors from

Visit the dentist regularly

Diseases of the mouth have a close association with heart disease, pneumonia, and diabetes, according to some studies. Seniors are at risk for certain oral health issues, which is one reason that they must seek professional preventive dental care. As we age, we should visit the dentist regularly, even if there is no urgent issue, such as a toothache or denture-related problem.

Get help when necessary

Brushing and flossing daily are still the best methods for preventing oral disease and maintaining the integrity of teeth and gums. Unfortunately, some seniors may be unable to clean their mouths thoroughly. For example, an older person suffering from arthritis may have difficulty in using a toothbrush to clean his or her oral cavity. Some have mobility and coordination problems. Others may have visual impairment. It is important to recognize the fact that one needs assistance in self-care activities including tooth brushing.

If you need help in looking after your teeth and gums, then ask for help. You can ask a local family dental clinic for additional advice on oral care if you are dependent on a caregiver or relative.

Other problems related to aging

Dry mouth or xerostomia can lead to complications that are more serious. Oftentimes, the cause of xerostomia is intake of certain medications. Another consequence of taking medications is decreased taste sensation. Some flavors are masked as a side effect of prescription drugs. In the meantime, tooth loss in older persons is often due to gum disease, which may arise due to tissue inflammation from denture use.

Lastly, a person’s diet is also a huge influence on oral health. Learn about the types of food that lower the risk for tooth decay and gum disease, and help keep your mouth healthy and protected from diseases.