Man welding a pipeA house’s plumbing system is something you shouldn’t take for granted. Plumbing conveniently harnesses water, making it easy to use in everyday chores and activities. It’s important to select proper pipes and make sure it’s leak-free.

Stainless steel pipes look neat and are corrosion resistant, so it’s a popular choice for many households. There are three main ways to fit them together, so find out which one will fit your plumbing system best.

Press Fitting

Press fitting is a cost-effective way of joining stainless steel pipes. Air Energy, a provider of pumps, compressed air equipment and industrial pipework, explained stainless steel press fitting’s benefits. According to them press fitting makes for a speedy installation, low injury risk, and is the most hygienic option since it’s free from oil and grease.

In press fittings, plumbers use radial compression which creates an airtight seal around the pipe’s toroidal chamber. Then, they apply geometric compression which forms a mechanical joint resistant to rotation.


Soldering stainless steel requires effort. Since stainless steel has a tough oxide coating that makes it hard for the solder to stick, you have to break it by brushing steel wire on the surface. Soldering takes place when the fillers called solders melt. Once it solidifies on the stainless steel surface, it is bonded to the metal parts and joins them. The joint strength of soldered stainless steel pipes isn’t as strong as welded or press fitted ones.


Welding uses high temperature to melt and join two metal parts. Like in soldering, a metal filler is used in the process. To fuse the pipes, welders apply concentrated heat to the joint area. It melts the base material and the filler metals.

If your stainless joint is designed properly and your pipes wire brushed to remove oxidation, the weld on pipe joints can be as strong as the stainless steel itself.

Keep in mind that pipes that are securely joined together will be leak-free for a long time. It saves you repair money and keeps your daily operations ongoing.