Outdoor EventYou already heard the adage “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This is true in everything that humans endeavor to accomplish – whether this is a just a small party or a large corporate event. As such, planning is always an integral part of any successful event, especially held outdoors. 

Here are some useful reminders:

Inspect the Area Where the Event Will be Held

In the Twin Cities area, this is especially useful. For example, ask the question, will it need special platforms laid down so guests will not step onto the soft ground? Having sound information about the place where the event will take place will help you decide if you need to get artificial grass or platforms. It will also give you an idea how much space is actually needed to cover. Bring a measuring tape, a pen and a paper so you can readily jot down those digits.

Check the Weather Forecast for the Actual Event Date

Imagine your guests enjoying the party and all of a sudden, the rain starts to fall. The ground would be soft and guests would probably run to the nearest shelter to avoid getting wet. Worse, your guests would start to bid goodbye and go home, thus ending a party that would have been an enjoyable one until the next one follows. What you can do is contact a tent rental company that could set up a nice tent in the event area. Have the area measured and decide the size of the tent that you will need.

Draw a Floor Plan

So you already have your tent and your artificial grass or platforms. If the tents that you will require will not cover all the space needed and will involve separate tents, draw a floor plan that the staff from the tent rental firm can follow. This way, the flow of traffic is managed and guests do not bump into each other trying to get food while the others are requesting a song from the DJ. Anticipate the number of guests that will come and if they will require tables and chairs. You can rent it from the same company that offered the tents to save you time and effort for coordination.

Event planning is never easy, but it is doable. With the right planning and forethought, possible issues that may come up can be addressed as early during the planning stage. This will give you more time to think and address unavoidable issues that may come up during the event and has a better chance of succeeding in implementing the party plans.