home accommodationThanks to modern medicine, people are living longer, enjoying the fruits of their labour, and meeting their grandkids. The only problem with this equation is that as there are fewer people kicking the bucket, the number of people being born is still the same. This has resulted in a sort of space dilemma.

Homes Are Prison

Everyone saw this coming, but took counterproductive measures that made the elderly not like living as long as they did. Nursing homes are one of these measures, but no one would look forward to monthly visits from grandkids who have no idea who they are.

There has to be a better way, and there is. Instead of having the elderly live in nursing homes, pods are better suited in this situation. Pods or what housing solutions providers like grandesignswa.com.au call granny flats in Perth look a lot like the studio apartments that fit well in the backyard.


Granny pods or flats are unique because these structures were designed to sit comfortably in almost any space, including backyards. For families close to their grandparents, this is an advantageous solution. Still, the granny pod/flat did not enter the market unscathed; there was a fair bit of controversy when it became popular.

The main point against granny flats is that these structures take the elders away from professional care, and put them in a box no better than what they have in the nursing homes. This argument, of course infantilises elders into people who cannot take care of themselves. This has been a talking point for many, but the flats are definitely affordable housing solutions.

There is nothing wrong about keeping our elders close. Even without the 24/7 surveillance of nursing homes, elders can enjoy being close to their families. Sometimes, that is all they really need.