Blank I.D. badge with lanyardName badges serve various functions in an event. For instance, they are used to determine the number of attendees at an event; they can also be used as a marketing strategy, as the intricate and fashionable designs on badges attract attendees.

Having different sizes and shapes for the badges is not just for creativity or aesthetic purposes. In most cases, the variations are necessary because it is what that particular event requires. That said, here are categories of name badges you may want to consider for your Auckland events.

Dynamic Badges

This category focuses on badges that are highly personalised, and their details entirely depend on the preferences and personal taste of the attendees. They are considered as the perfect example of a professional badge. Normally, these badges come in sets of pre-designed tags, which have varying colours and backgrounds. Upon registration, each attendee will select the particular design that they prefer. For that reason, these badges require careful coordination between the organiser and the attendees. In some situations, the dynamic badges may be sent to the respective addresses of the attendees before the event.

Electronic Name Badges

In recent years, electronic badges have continuously gained popularity. These badges come with a computer chip connected to it. They are perfect for use in events that require high-security coordination, interactive events such as informal business meetings and competitive events such as school contests. These badges are programmed in such a way that when a person answers or asks a question during the event, their name appears on the hosts’ screen.

Vintage Badges

These name badges are popularly used in intimate events. These include anniversaries, weddings, family gathering, and birthdays of an adult-oriented demeanour. They are best used in a vintage-themed event such as celebrations held a barn, rustic, countryside or any place steeped in history.

When selecting the best badge for your event, keep in mind that simple badges with neutral colours are considered attractive. As such, consider using badges that are made of plastic and/or aluminium. Reason being, these badges will be cost-effective, trendy and practical at the same time.