Portable PrintersIf there is anything the new century introduced to the world, it is the eve of the new age of mobile. Everyone is on the go, and they want to take their entire office with them. Almost all people have handheld devices that carry all their information.

Wireless World: Still a Work in Progress

Mobile technology has changed how people lived their lives in ways only the Internet has done just a few years prior. Nevertheless, mobile technology has one fatal flaw: it cannot go beyond its own platform. In other words, whatever people do on their handheld devices cannot manifest in the real world without using static devices such as printers.

Fortunately, when people spot a weakness in something they consider useful, they innovate to make something that negates that weakness. In this case, manufacturers created portable printers that allow people to print short pieces of information that they cannot put off or send any other way.

The Need to be Real

Small things like receipts and proofs of purchase are just some of the few examples that still need to exist in physical form to hold any kind of power. These devices are necessary for businesses to keep in line with the guidelines of the government regarding consumer protection.

The trouble with digital receipts is that it is too easy for people with the right skills to make endless copies of them. Apart from the markings of a proof of purchase, a physical receipt has additional security measures that include the kind of paper used and watermarks included in the printing process. The only security a digital receipt has to offer is the strength of its code and firewall, and there are ways to bypass both of them.

As amazing as mobile technology is today, there are still things that work better in their physical form. Until the digital realm can overcome its shortcomings, people will always need devices that translate their digital information into the real world.