workplaceDifferent industries come with their own set of risks in the workplace. By definition, hazards are any practice, behaviour or physical condition in the workplace that can cause injuries, illnesses, damages to property and environment, and general loss. It falls on management to comply with set safety regulations in their respective industries. This not only ensures employee safety, but an undisturbed production process as well.

To minimise the problems caused by workplace hazards, you need to recognize, assess, and control hazards in the working environment. By taking this three-pronged approach to workplace safety, you can curb safety hazards in the workplace with maximum efficiency.

Recognising Hazards

Take the time to inspect the working environment. Recognise specific areas and processes that are potentially hazardous by clearly determining the goings-on in your facility. Depending on your industry, these may involve maintenance, painting, welding, office, sanitation, production, and security.

In addition to the facility itself, look into the tasks that your employees have to perform. Some tasks may involve the handling of dangerous material that require extra safety measures and protective gear.

Assessing Hazards

Once you have identified all the potential hazards in the workplace, you can then proceed to assessment. How serious are these safety hazards? What can be done about the factors that pose potential threats to safety? By providing accurate assessments of all areas of work that can harm employees, and the business process in general, you can come up with effective solutions.

Controlling Hazards

After recognising and assessing, you can proceed to the final stage of hazard management is control. As you already know the nature of the hazards, you can implement proper safety measures. These involve removing the sources of hazards and making use of personal protective equipment as well as countermeasures. In addition, you can make use of safety measures such as the Take 5 hazard assessment tool to fully comprehend the nature of hazards and hazard control.

This approach to workplace safety is an effective way to make sure that you minimise the risks present in your site. A safer workplace will ensure a more productive workforce.