internetLinks build traffic and improve website visibility. SEO specialists use it to boost a website’s profile. The only problem, however, is that not all links are beneficial. Linking strategies from the early days of SEO can actually damage a site’s reputation severely. Spammy websites cost rankings and can even prompt Google to remove your site from search results altogether – something you do not want to happen.

If you’re dealing with a bad linking strategy, cleaning up and bouncing back can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. Difficult as it may be, there is always something you can do to overcome the problem and get your site back on the right on track.

Remove the Link

Spotting and removing the link is the obvious solution, yes, but you can’t just do that in an instant. In most cases, the links are external and you do not have control over the sites in question. If this is the problem you are dealing with, you can contact the webmaster of the site where the link is coming from. The difficulty of getting this done, though, increases along with the number of bad links you have to clear.

Remove the Page

If the links are targeting low value pages, you can go ahead and remove the page altogether. You can also redirect to another page if the penalties aren’t too severe. This strategy, however, is not ideal if traffic to the page is constantly heavy or if bad links are widespread across pages. In such cases, there is no choice but to remove the links one by one and re-publish the page.

Generate Good Links

Building good links can cancel out the negative effects of bad ones. Infusing your page with new connections minimizes losses in terms of site visibility and page rank. According to LinkCleaners, you can also subscribe to a link cleaning service to get your website back on track.

Write to Google

Appeal to Google if it seems like nothing you do is working. An appeal involves filing a request for reconsideration through the Webmaster Tools. Be honest and specific and detail the effort you’ve put into cleaning up the bad links.

If these strategies don’t work, you may have to move to a new domain. This, however, may mean losing your off-page ranking factors and inbound links. On a more positive side, this can also mean rebuilding your website.