recruitment alternativesWhile resumes can help you learn more about a candidate’s skill and knowledge, it shouldn’t be your main source for evaluating an applicant’s qualifications. In most cases, resumes contain inaccuracies and won’t help you learn about an individual’s behaviour or personality fully.

Here are some great alternatives when it comes to recruitment that can enhance your decision-making about potential applicants.

Personality Tests

An excellent way to make sure that an applicant is a good match for the company is by conducting personality tests. Many recruitment professionals believe that these tests can predict job-related performance and attitude. According to CPE Group, personality tests can predict how an individual will work and handle all the challenges associated with the job.

Skills Tests

Requiring applicants to complete a skills test can help you get a clearer picture of their knowledge, skills, and capabilities. Skill tests can also reduce the liabilities associated with negligent hire cases. If you’re hiring a writer, for instance, you can have them compose a piece within a particular timeframe. This will help you know if the applicant has what it takes to be successful in the job.

Structured Interviews

Interviews are the most popular selection tool used to hire applicants. Most selection interviews, however, are unstructured and the questions are left up to the manager or interviewer. According to research, unstructured interviews are not useful for assessing an applicant’s performance. The interview should consist of specific questions to assess qualities needed for the job. It should also use standardised criteria for evaluating the responses given by the interviewee.


This refers to the study of interests, lifestyles, attitudes, and interest of people. Collecting psychographic data can help you learn about how an applicant might deal or interact with others. This can help you learn more about the applicant’s work ethic and career goals.

When it comes to assessing applicants, don’t just focus on the resume. It is important to use effective assessments to help make sure that you bring in competent and qualified team members.