property managementDealing with tenants is often a challenge for landlords everywhere. This is especially true when sorting out issues; you have to be proactive but gentle enough to avoid conflicts and lengthy arguments. After all, your tenants are more likely to stay and continue helping your business grow when you treat them right and fair.

While there are issues that can be solved indirectly – whether through sending an email or making a phone call – there are times when you have to be there in person. If you want to establish a relationship with your tenants, it is always better to do it face-to-face.

It might seem difficult at first, but meeting your tenants face-to-face is actually easier than you’ve lead yourself to believe. Take a look at the following to get started:

Arrange a Meeting Place and Time

The last thing you want your tenant to feel is that you are not serious about meeting them. This makes them doubtful about your intentions, and puts you at a disadvantage even before you could meet them. Work out a time and place to meet.

Have a Conversation; Do Not Lecture

Experts in San Diego property management recommend explaining the issue at hand calmly then allowing the tenants to air their side. This lets you talk about the issue without having to get into a heated discussion immediately.

Determine the Cause of the Issue

Make sure to have a clear grasp of the root of the issue, or at least have a good idea of what the problem is all about. Be it high rent or faulty facilities, list them all down so you can attend to them later on.

Agree on a Solution

Agree on a solution where your right as landowner and their right as tenants are met. If you have to put it into writing, then so be it. Make sure that the solution works so that you do not have to deal with the same issues again. You can even use the experience as another factor when screening potential tenants in the future.

Meeting your tenants in person has its benefits. Apart from solving issues quicker, you get to know more about them and create a lasting landowner-tenant relationship. Plus, with the help of property managers, you can create a better experience for your tenants and take your business to new heights.