Save Your LifeAccording to the Victorian Transport Association (VTA), road crashes account for about half of all work-related deaths in the country. Accidents involving large and heavy vehicles cost businesses and the community about $2 billion annually, with more than 300 people killed each year.

Road safety starts with awareness and caution, but you can never predict an accident. This is why it is important to equip your truck with features that will protect you in case of a crash. Here is a short guide on safety essentials that can protect the driver, passengers, and other road users from the consequences of a crash:

Front Underrun Protection (FUP)

This refers to the steel structure attached under the front of a truck to prevent other vehicles from being trapped below. This will also make sure that the safety features of a smaller vehicle are activated during a collision. says that some trucks with FUP also include a bulbar to avoid damage on trucks.


Seat belts can save lives in both small and large vehicles. According to studies, they can reduce injuries in about 60 per cent of the crashes. The seatbelts assist drivers by securing them onto their seats in the event of crash.


Airbags work with the seatbelts to reduce injury to the chest and head. These inflate immediately upon impact in frontal collisions. Airbags offer the best protection and work in conjunction with the seatbelt. There are different types of airbags, including front, side, and knee airbags.

Lane Assist Technology

This is an image-processing system with a digital camera behind the windscreen that detects the truck’s position using the left and right lane markings. A warning sound goes off when the truck moves over the lane markings. This active safety feature will increase road awareness, which can reduce the possibility of a crash.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

ABS reduces brake locks by regulating the pressure applied to tires. This enables the driver to continue steering, making it a lot easier to avoid collision. This can be combined with roll back locks or skid technology to control the braking function of the truck.

Make safety your top priority with these truck features. Protect passengers and others on the road from the consequences of crash by incorporating active and passive safety techniques.