Rain water dripping from roofAustralia has the lowest annual rainfall record compared to other continents in the world. For this reason, water collection and conservation has made tanks an essential part of life in the continent, especially in dry areas where people want to collect and store every drop of rain. Rainwater is suitable for many purposes.
Water is important in the commercial, agricultural, and manufacturing industries, and any shortage can have a devastating effect. Storing rainwater in a slimline tank is helpful as it can serve as a back up when there is a shortage. In such cases, you should find the most suitable tank for your needs.


A well-designed water tank should be able to stand the harsh environmental conditions of the Australian continent. Most slimline tanks are durable and designed to save space.  They are also available in different sizes and shapes so they could fit in any environment.  They are also built to be fully compliant with the local Australian government qualifications.

Tank Shapes

You can purchase a tank in any shape, but round shaped tanks are increasingly losing popularity in urban cities. Slimline shaped tanks are now gaining popularity as more families are keen on saving space.


Slimline tanks come in different colours, sizes, and shapes. These tanks can serve as dividers, and many homeowners use then in contemporary home designs. The narrow width of the small plastic poly tanks can be placed in areas that have limited space.

Meet Government Requirements

The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) stated in their 2017 report that home properties are 5 percent less in many areas than the previous year. Compared to property areas in 2014, home properties are now 11 percent below the median size.
For many homes, smaller areas demand the optimum use of the available space.  Slimline tanks for new homes allow homeowners to meet local government requirements. Some territories require a minimum for certain types of homes.
When it comes to saving water in Australia, you need a proper water storage system that will serve as your water supply during shortages and droughts. Make sure to find these qualities when looking for the right storage tank for you.