peepholeMost people would think that front doors are the least likely point of entry for burglars. While it is generally true, quite a lot of burglaries start with front doors that are simply not secure enough with proper reinforcement.

In no other part of the house is this more important than right at the front door. Makers of high standard hardwood doors such as say that reinforced hardwood doors are indeed enough to deter burglars, these are only as strong as their metal hinges and safety features.

Here are ways to beef up your front doors to better secure your home:

1. Dead Bolt

Heavy-duty deadbolts are a low-cost way to increase your front door’s security. It comes in many varieties. As long as you get one with a first grade security rating and secure it correctly to your door’s frame, then you will have a much more burglar-proofed front door.

2. Strike box

When it comes to toughening up your door, one of the best things you can do is to add a strike box. You can deter intruders with them more than existing strike plates you may already have. All you need to do is enlarge the jamb hole and cover the plate recess and you are all set.

3. Re-Keyed Locks

Rey-keying the locks is an important part of home security. This is a good step in the right direction if you are not the first to live in the house, or if you somehow manage to lose a copy of the house key. Re-keying kits are available in most hardware stores and they are compatible with most lock brands.

4. Wide-angle Peephole

Peepholes are good, but wide-angle peepholes are much better. You get a more thorough look at who is right outside your door instead of the limited view that you get with the former. These peepholes are fairly easy to install and can fit any door up to 12 inches thick.

You can never be too careful today. Do not let yourself be the latest victim of otherwise preventable burglaries. Put these tips to use and secure your home today.