CCTV camera by the streetAny commercial property can be prone to different problems and threats, which can lead to millions worth of damages. As the owner of an office building or a commercial store, you need to understand where such factors are coming from so you can resolve the issues they bring.

Here are some preventative measures to keep your commercial property secure:

Risk assessment and regular checks

It is important to know the possible weak points of your property. Once you identify these, it is time to make the necessary improvements. Regular checks must be conducted especially when it comes to electrical safety. Hiring commercial electricians to inspect your wiring regularly can help prevent overloading, faulty connections and fire hazards.

Keep a watchful eye

It is a must to have dedicated security personnel to do the rounds, but it is also necessary to install CCTV cameras within and around the premises. Cameras can help monitor anyone coming in and out of the property, as well as alert you of unusual movements.

Secure entry points

There is more than just one way of entering your property, so make sure all entry points, especially those at the back of the building, are secured. You can even add security locks on windows to prevent possible break-ins.

Let there be light

Keep your property well-lit, especially at night, to ward off possible intruders. Install these lights near entry points and CCTV cameras.

Use a durable safe for cash

If you store cash or valuable documents in the building, be sure to put them in a fireproof safe and store them in a room with a security door. Better yet, devote a time daily to deposit the cash to a bank for better security.

Strengthen passwords for online documents

Do not forget to strengthen your online presence by using an anti-hacking software tool. Remember that there is more to your office than physical equipment; keep your online property safe as well from cyber criminals.