GrandparentsGrowing old is part of life, and you’re probably troubled about what you should do when the time comes for your loved ones. If you don’t like the idea of moving them to a nursing home early, you might want to build a granny flat to keep them close.

A granny flat, also known as laneway homes or Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), is a small residence that’s good for at least two people, located within the vicinity of your home like the backyard. Here are some points that may convince you to build one:


If your loved ones can still do different tasks on their own, maybe it’s not the right time to move them to a nursing home. Build a personal space for them instead. This way, they have the freedom to do whatever they want with minimal help from family members. Think of granny flat designs that’ll go with your backyard space to get started.


A granny flat offers peace of mind, as you can visit your loved ones whenever you want. If ever they need anything, you can bring it to them immediately. There’s no need to travel and waste time because they’re only a few steps away. It’ll also be easier to respond in case of emergency.

Save Money

Moving your loved ones to a nursing home can be costly because you have to pay for the facilities, security, food and medicine, and caregivers. Why spend more if you can still take care of them? Building a granny flat can save you from such expenses, including the transportation costs whenever you visit them. In addition, with the rising costs of real estate, you can rent it out in the future for additional income.

The feeling of living close to your loved ones is uplifting. It keeps your bonds and makes everyone appreciate the presence of every family member, especially the elderly.