Noise of WarThere is a great honor that comes with serving your country in the armed forces. But with this great honor comes a great price. You risk a lot when you become part of the military, especially in the physical sense. Of the many health risks you face as part of the armed forces, the one that is most common – and often unnoticed – is your hearing.

War and Hearing Loss

The most common cause of hearing impairments in the United States is due to occupational noise. This is true especially for those who go overseas as part of the military, because war is anything but quiet. As part of the military, you will face a lot of noise on a regular basis – roaring helicopters, shouted commands, and blasts of guns and cannons, just to name a few. Moreover, recent statistics show that the number of hearing loss cases among US war veterans continues to grow. But although this health problem happens a lot for military men, it is often overlooked. This is because people tend to pay more attention to other serious medical issues caused by war, such as physical injuries and post-traumatic stress. Often, hearing problems are overlooked up until it’s too late.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

This is the reason military protocol often reminds enlisting soldiers to make sure they have proper military hearing protection before they go out into the field. Head gear that shields your ears can only do so much; they might not be enough to shield your ears from damaging noise. To be certain, before you become part of the military service, set an appointment with an ear specialist who can help you make sure that your ears are protected. They will give you the latest in digital hearing protection, so you can give your hearing the best protection there is. That way, you can stop your ears from getting damaged and greatly reduce the chances of developing hearing problems long after your years of military service.