Samsung Smart Signage TVJust last March, Samsung unveiled the new Smart Signage TV for use by retailers and small businesses in Australia. It is a revolutionary marketing display that can divide the screen into different portions showing different things like TV content, text, and images.

Growing Big and Strong

The Samsung Smart Signage TV is only one of the proofs that digital signage is gaining ground in the advertising market. The annual growth rate of the digital signage industry is over 25 percent and still increasing by the year.

Advertising strategies are shifting from printed materials to digital promotion not just on the Internet or on television, but in the streets using digital signs. Just recently, media providers and commercial signage displays now use LED screens to feature full-motion video and audio ads in commuter stations. Digital signage in Brisbane now uses these next-gen ad displays for more effective audience targeting.

Digital vs Print

You can’t help but wonder what the benefits of digital signs are. Compared to printed signs, digital signs can be updated with different messages instantly. If there’s something that you need to edit, changing the content is easy.

Moreover, digital signs are more dynamic and more attention-grabbing since they utilise not just colour and design but also movement. Digital signs can be more market-specific as well. Lastly, they are environment-friendly, too, as they use less resources than a traditional printed ad.

Spot the TV

The media can put up digital signs on a number of locations. Besides the obvious locations of retail stores and businesses whether big or small, you can find digital signs in taxis, trains, airports, buses, ferries, elevators, and bus shelters. Medical centres and hospitals are also good places for these.

You may have a business yourself in Brisbane. It might just be time for you to start investing in the digital signage industry. You don’t have to advertise yourself. You can purchase a digital sign and have other businesses pay you to advertise themselves.