condominium with fire placeFor many, designing a condo feels like a challenge. And it can actually be—the small space looks like limiting and constricting. But if you change your mindset, you will see big possibilities in this small space.

Think of your condo as a canvas where you can paint different beautiful possibilities. It may be hard for now, but if you know what you want and needs, it should be much easier. If you are looking for some ways to make the deed easy while ensuring good results, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

Keep things open

Whether you are living in a condo in Paya Lebar or Sentosa, a small space should not be constricted. Otherwise, you will eventually find it hard to move around. The only partition that you may want to set up is that between your bed and living area.

Hang a big mirror

The goal is to make your condo look bigger than it is. Other than choosing light and neutral paint that will give your room some ethereal feel, you may want to hang a big mirror. The reflection gives the illusion that you have a much more spacious home. Also, the light that it reflects will surely illuminate the entire space.

Choose modular furniture

When it comes to furnishings, you need to veer away from pieces that are conventionally used in regular homes. Instead, go for pieces that have multiple uses. For one, you may get a bed that has a bookshelf underneath it. The dining table may double as a workstation.

Designing your condo may be challenging. But take this opportunity to exercise your creativity. Seek inspiration from top interior design magazines and do not hesitate to seek the help and advice of your family and friends.