Image by cellanr | Wikimedia

Image by cellanr | Wikimedia

Snapchat has settled charges with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for allegedly deceiving its customers on several levels.

Lying about privacy

Established in 2011 by 23-year-old founder Evan Spiegel, Snapchat has been growing rapidly, wherein users were sending more than 700 million photos and videos every day.

The app maker was apparently not as secured as it assured, as it supposedly lied to users about collecting information.

Snapchat’s whole business was built on a promise that customers’ messages were private and safe. But the US regulators found out it was secretly spying from its customers.

They said the company deceived users over data collection and failed to notify them that their private photos and messages could be saved.

The ephemeral nature

Snapchat, however, didn’t admit any wrongdoing.

Under the deal, the company agreed to be monitored by the FTC for about 20 years.

“While we were focused on building, some things didn’t get the attention they could have,” said Snapchat in a blog post. “One of those was being more precise with how we communicated with the Snapchat community.”