Don’t Drive DrunkIt’s almost impossible to avoid getting drunk at parties. Unfortunately, the problem starts as soon as it’s time to go home. Imagine having to drive home in an inebriated state. The worst that could possibly happen is that you’d lose your life and leave your car in a state where it won’t even be in good enough condition to be a charity car donation, says

The quick solution here, of course, is to somehow sober up before you start driving yourself home. You’d be surprised; it’s actually possible. All you need is to know exactly what to do to help you regain your senses.

● Put the bottle down. Naturally, the first thing you’ll need to do is to stop pumping yourself full of alcohol. Give your liver enough time to process the alcohol. One unit of alcohol (equivalent to a small glass of wine) takes about an hour to flush out of your system, so it would help if you stopped drinking way before you start going home.

● Get some water. The water will help you in two ways: one, drinking more will mean making more trips to the toilet to pee (which will flush the alcohol out of you), and two, it will dilute your blood, limiting the amount of alcohol flowing all over your circulatory system. Another pleasant side effect? It’ll help cure your inevitable hangover the next morning.

● Vomiting. This is a helpful (and sometimes unavoidable) body reaction when you consume a lot of alcohol.

● (Don’t) drink coffee. Pass on the caffeine. New research shows that while coffee will keep you awake, it won’t help you get over your intoxication. This means you’ll be twice as alert, yet still as drunk as when you started. Not a good combination.

Oh, and one more thing — you have to have the desire to sober up more quickly. Believe it or not, your mind has an effect on how easily you’ll sober up.