old abandoned haunted houseAre you looking for something that will challenge your courage? Are you into horror and paranormal things? A haunted tour might just be the activity for you.

Many people know Charleston to be the most haunted city in South Carolina (SC) and one of the scariest destinations in America. If you are planning to go visit the city, you might want to consider booking one of it haunted tours.

Famous Haunted Places in Charleston

One of the most famous haunted places in Charleston is the Old Charleston Jail. An unimaginable number of crazed criminals and the country’s first female serial killer were kept in there. Locals believe that the spirits of inmates, along with slaves and prisoners of war, incarcerated there haunt the jail.

Other haunted destinations that are also usually included in the tour are the Battery Carriage House, the Blind Tiger Pub, the Dock Street Theatre, the Pink House and the Powder Magazine.

Going on a Haunted Tour in Charleston

A haunted tour is usually a walking tour taking you to the famous haunted places in the city. Through this, you will get to know the history of the place and experience first-hand its eeriness.

You will hear the ghost stories that have gone around for who knows how long already and other experiences of the locals themselves. This is a different and exciting way to know the place and its history.

You could go on the tour by yourself, but it is best to book with a professional tour guide. As they know well how to get around the place and all you need to know about its history and background.

The faint-heart must be careful because this tour will definitely give you the chills and scares you have not ever experienced in any destination before. This will give you a different kind of excitement and thrill. Are you daring and brave enough to take on this adventure?