Salt Lake CityWhether you want to relax or do something adventurous, SLC has something in store for you. Of course, Salt Lake City is primarily famous for winter skiing, thanks to the magnificent mountains surrounding the city.

Everyone enjoys the rush of slipping and sliding through huge mounds of snow, so don’t think twice in choosing to travel to Salt Lake City.

Activities in the Metro

In the metro area, the city houses several art museums, theaters, and commercial establishments- offering a wide range of choices for all ages. If you fancy simple and peaceful strolls, SLC has many pleasant parks scattered around the metro.

In recent years, the city has become a choice destination for outdoor summer concerts, music festivals, and a tall list of cultural performances that reflect the city and its culture. These cultural activities touch anywhere from Utah’s predominant Mormon religion to SLC’s vibrant LGBT community.

The famous Salt Lake Festival of the Arts is now the Utah Arts Festival. It has now become an annual occurrence that features artists that amount to the hundreds, in a broad spectrum of fields, from performing, culinary and visual arts.


You can experience all four seasons in Salt Lake City. Temperatures drop to the low 20s and sometimes average 12 inches of snow a month. In light of this fact, Utah-based suggests taking some paper wipers and apply furniture polish on your car’s inside door weather-stripping to prevent the doors from sealing shut in times of frost.

Spring brings in pleasant sunny afternoon strolls, with the temperature peaking at 70. Summers are quite warm, touching the high 90s, with low humidity and very little rain. But as quick as the heat comes, the cool fall enters in September – with temps ranging from 40 to 50.

Coming to Salt Lake City is a good option for families of varied ages as each one of you are sure to find something to fit your interests. SLC is the choice destination for those looking for fun, culture and relaxation.