Effects of Too Much StressStress is part of our lives, and it affects us in different ways. It can be beneficial and motivating at times, but it can also cause anxiety and even health problems. Health experts claim that stress is a burst of energy that advises you what to do. For instance, it can motivate you to achieve your dream job or help you get through daily obstacles. But, it is also a warning sign of something serious.

Here’s more on the negative effects of stress and what you can do about it:

Stress Can Shrink the Brain

One stressful event, whether the death of a loved one or work woes, can take a toll on your body and brain. New studies show that everyday stress may do more than make you cranky. Experts say it can damage brain structure and connectivity, leading to lost volume in the medial prefrontal cortex.

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Everyday Stress Can Harm Memory

Sure, stress is key for survival, but too much of it could disrupt memory by triggering the brain’s threat response. It can have a negative effect on the brain’s process, making you trouble remembering things. If you have a business meeting today and you panicked because of the number of audience, for instance, you won’t remember the details of your presentation.

Chronic Stress Makes You Irritable

You probably know that when you feel stressed and exhausted, you don’t want anyone to be around you. Even your family and friends know you are not in a pleasant mood, feeling grumpy and easily irritated because of work or financial problems.

To explain why, French scientists reveal an enzyme that attacks a synaptic regulatory molecule if triggered by stress. As EurekAlert puts it: “…these effects lead subjects to lose their sociability, avoid interactions with their peers and have impaired memory or understanding.” Researchers explain that there is a significant link between stress and the loss of social skills.

Stress that stays for weeks or even months can be detrimental. Knowing how constant stress changes your mind can enlighten you to watch out and listen to your body.