orthodonticsMost parents dread it when the dentist says their kids need braces. They hope it never happens, but the estimate is that 45% of kids in Perth will need orthodontic treatment at some point.

Since you have a roughly 1 in 2 chance of getting the bad news, here are some facts to get you started.


Your child may need braces for several reasons. Many people think it is only to straighten out crooked teeth. On the outside, that is certainly the effect.

However, even if you have straight teeth, the upper and lower teeth may not be meeting properly. This can lead to pain and damage to the teeth, gums, and jaw over time. The main reason for orthodontic treatment is to address this – to make sure that your teeth line up as they should.


The ideal time to put on braces is when a kid’s permanent teeth are all out, but still growing. At this point, braces can still affect how the jaw develops. Braces take care of serious problems that would develop in the future without orthodontic treatment, such as a receding chin.

Orthodontists will not work on teeth that are not permanent because they do not have roots, Solas Orthodontics explains. However, even full adults can still benefit from orthodontic treatment. This is especially when gum problems become an issue.


While it can be a little expensive – the cost of Perth orthodontics ranges from 4,000 to $8,000 – you can usually pay in instalments, and includes the materials, monthly adjustments, and professional fee.

In some cases, there may be gum problems or a need for surgery. In such cases, the orthodontist will usually send you to a specialist to handle those before putting on braces. This can add to your total costs, but your health insurance should cover some of your costs.

Consider orthodontics at the soonest possible time. Correcting dental defects is better the sooner you do it.