Mobile appIn an episode of Silicon Valley, a television series, participants in a tech competition marketed their creations as “social, mobile and local.” The mobile and local part aims for customers to rely on their smartphones in searching for nearby businesses that sell various products and services. The social aspect means that customers can rely on third party advice about a commodity.

The world of mobile applications takes this approach.Phones became more powerful and fast Internet more accessible. In turn, people have a faster way of accessing everything and businesses giving them things to access. It was hard at first, but the trend went one way: mobile.

Multiple Platforms, One App

Most apps are available on major platforms such as Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile. The first two account for almost all of the phones/software in the world, whilst the latter is still paying the price of a late entrance. Nonetheless, an app reaches a massive amount of people, many of whom are potential customers.

A good example is Tiigi, where businesses and travellers can connect and conduct business. These apps are what most app developers are focusing on, thus bringing customers and businesses together through mobile devices.

User Interaction

People hardly rely on brands when it comes to measuring how good a product is. Instead, they turn to other consumers for honest advice. Apps are, in essence, mobile websites. Just like websites, these have a section where users can provide reviews and talk about how a certain commodity. Whether they want to highlight the positives or downside of a product, they are free to do so.

Either way, they will be providing useful assistance to other customers.

What’s New, What’s Near

Apps hope to serve customers better by having location-based services. The more it’s local, the more it increases the customer’s interest. It offers convenience for the customer and a boom for local businesses.

More people will have easy access to mobile Internet in the future. In turn, there will be an increased and consistent focus on making products and services accessible. The future is bright and the possibilities are endless.