car parkHaving your own car can be a blessing and burden. Whilst it makes travelling and transporting goods more convenient, it’s costly to repair or replace when car thieves strike. With the prevalence of car theft in Australia, you’re more likely to suffer the costs than the benefits.

The National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council’s Comprehensive Auto-Theft Research System revealed that an average of 145 motor vehicle thefts happen per day in 2014. In addition, one in every 94 households in Western Australia experience it. With the rise in car theft cases, some people recommend the following ways to keep your car safe:

Park it in a safe place

Most cases of car thefts involve in dark, unsecure areas. If you don’t have a garage, park your car in plain sight of police officers or CCTV cameras. Sites like provide self-storage parks where there are security devices and personnel 24/7. You may alternatively put your car in a well-lit and populated area to keep thieves at bay.

Keep your car keys with you

Some car thieves will go for the keys first. They trick the owner into giving their key so they can make impressions and replicate it. Keep your keys with you or in a safe storage at all times. Putting your proximity key in the freezer will block radio frequencies that car thieves often exploit to gain entry. The same goes for duplicate car keys.

Use anti-theft systems

The government’s encouraging people to install anti-theft systems in vehicles. Invest in security devices, such as alarms, locks, immobilisers, parking barriers or GPS trackers to prevent car theft. Whilst these gadgets won’t necessarily prevent your car from being targeted, at least criminals will have a hard time stealing your car.

Remove temptations

Keeping your gadgets and other valuables in the seats will only strengthen the car thief’s resolve. Take or hide them when you go out of the car. Thieves might break in your car, but they can’t drive if you dismantle some parts.

It’s more costly to repair or replace your car due to theft. Avoid becoming a victim of car theft by implementing these preventive measures.