Students taking the A+ CertificationAmong the most sought-after certifications in the IT field, the A+ certification is a good starting point to a solid career. But, it is not for everybody. Sponsored by CompTIA, the exam intends to confirm the candidate’s skills in entry-level PC technology.

The test is all theory. The focus is on the expertise required to troubleshoot PC problems, repair hardware, or get employment as a service technician. You can try taking an A+ certification practice test to prepare for the actual exam.

The Value of the Certification Depends on Your Career Plans

The certification involves knowledge on the internal workings of the computer, loading operating systems, and troubleshooting hardware problems, among others. It has no value to you if it does not fit in your IT career goals. But, the certification will be a big boost for you if you want a job in tech support.

Experience versus Certification

IT professionals, in general, value skills and experience more than certifications. But, this does not undermine the value of certifications, which are considered in the hiring process. This is particularly true when several applicants are vying for one job. The certification assures the hiring manager that the certified candidate has the minimum skills and knowledge required for the job.

A+ Certification Test

The process of certification involves two tests:

Hardware Technology – The test covers’ computer hardware and peripherals, networking hardware, network connectivity issues, and mobile devices.

Operating Systems – The test involves configuration and installation of iOS, Windows, MacOS, Android, and Linux. It also includes basics of cloud computing, and operational security and procedures.

The exams include drag and drop questions, multiple choice questions, as well as performance-based questions. The maximum number of questions is 90, with a 90-minute time limit.

Final Word

Although not necessary, CompTIA recommends that you have around 6 to 12 months of hands-on experience before taking the exam. You could also take a review class to prepare for the exam so you could pass it with flying colors.